Sunday, August 19, 2012

~Hey guys:)
Two years ago, I discovered a way for people who have semi-long, naturally curly hair to curl them neatly without a curler. Its easy and very fast! Here's how:
Step 1~ After you showered, keep your hair below your ears wet.

Step 2~ Divide your hair into pigtails, but really low ones so that they start at the base of your head.

Step 3~ Take one pigtail and begin curling all of it towards yourself or outwards, depending on the kind of curl you want.

Step 4~ Do the same with the other pigtail and let them dry like this, in the curled state. (Keep continously curling for 2-3 min with your fingers while they're wet).

Step 5~ When the pigtails have fully dried, take off the elastic carefully, so as not to undo the curl and separate each one into many smaller curls.

That's it! With these five, easy steps, your hair will have beautiful curls, without any damage to the ends!
Keep your hair healthy and stay beautiful~

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